Plans and Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing for all your WordPress sites.

Performance Hosting

Each WordPress website resides in its dedicated cloud container, operating on top of shared High-Frequency virtual CPUs. These plans cater to many WordPress sites, including high-traffic blogs, corporate brochure sites, small to medium-sized WooCommerce, Learndash, and other membership sites.

Our infrastructure utilizes cutting-edge, high-frequency AMD processors combined with NVMe SSD storage for optimal performance.

CRONO 0111 vCPU1 GB10 GB100 GB$15Get Plan
CRONO 0222 vCPU2 GB20 GB200 GB$30Get Plan
CRONO 0442 vCPU4 GB30 GB
300 GB
$60Get Plan
CRONO 0663 vCPU8 GB40 GB
400 GB
$80Get Plan
CRONO 0884 vCPU16 GB50 GB
500 GB$100Get Plan

Dedicated Hosting

Each WordPress cloud container operates on fully dedicated, new-generation high-frequency AMD virtual CPUs. The dedicated vCPUs guarantee swift, consistent performance essential for high-traffic WooCommerce stores, Learndash, and other membership sites.

These plans also cater to agencies and resellers aiming to effortlessly manage hundreds of client websites under their brand while providing the complete WPCrono WordPress hosting experience.

CRONO 10102 vCPU4 GB60 GB600 GB$120Get Plan
CRONO 20204 vCPU16 GB80 GB800 GB$198Get Plan
CRONO 30308 vCPU32 GB120 GB1 TB$295Get Plan
CRONO 404016 vCPU64 GB200 GB2 TB$394Get Plan
CRONO 606032 vCPU128 GB300 GB3 TB$580Get Plan

Hosting Add-ons

Critical monitoringGet notified with BetterStack monitoring platform.$4/siteGet Add-on
Real-time backupsIdeal for e-commerce sites. Each order is instantly backed up. Preventing any potential loss of important transactions.$18/siteGet Add-on
Disaster backupAdd a second offsite daily backup.$12/siteGet Add-on
Status pageBranded status page on your own custom subdomain to build confidence in your product.$12Get Add-on

WordPress Services

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website with our comprehensive range of professional services. Let us take care of the technical stuff, so you can focus on growing your business.

Critical MaintenanceNever worry about WordPress again. We handle all your site’s critical maintenance and ensure it is always up and running.$10Sign up
Speed OptimizationWe optimize your WordPress site to pass Google Core Web Vitals and improve search engine rankings.$199Sign up
Pixel Tracking SetupWe set up the best WordPress pixel strategy that won't slow down your site while being super accurate.$80Sign up
SMTP SetupWe setup your Amazon SES account and connect it to your website through SMTP so that you can send email to your customers.$49Sign up

CDN Bandwidth

All our hosting plans include a Free Quic.Cloud Partner account (Tier 4). It is a complete WordPress site optimization solution which features a CDN with HTTP/3 support, image optimization, CSS optimization, dynamic caching, and more.

When you’ve reached your partner credit, you can purchase additionnal bandwidth credits. You can purchase additional credits for $1 per 1000 credits, or less if buying in bulk.

Overage prices

If you hit your plan’s resource cap, we’ll keep your sites running for an additional fee. We’ve automatically enabled overage notifications in WPCrono so that these won’t come as a surprise.

OverageHow it worksPrice/GB
Disk SpaceIf you reach your disk space limit, we'll keep your sites running but charge you a fee after each additional GB.$2
Plan Bandwidth
CDN BandwidthIf you reach your CDN limit, we'll keep your sites running but we'll charge you a fee after each additional GB.

Premium Migrations

Premium Migrations: Each of our Managed WordPress Hosting plans comes with unlimited free basic migrations. For websites that have more complex needs not addressed by a basic migration, you can choose a Premium migration. Our Managed WordPress Hosting plans include a specific number of complimentary premium migrations, depending on the plan.

If your website does not qualify for the unlimited free migration offer and you have already used up your allotted premium migrations, you can purchase additional Premium migrations at the price specified below:

# of MigrationsPrice/Migration
1 to 5$80
6 to 10$70
11 to 30$60
31 to 50$50
Above 50$40


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