Service level agreement (SLA)


Terms are defined by our terms of Service, not by this SLA. This SLA is the Client’s sole recourse for issues covered by the SLA. If this SLA conflicts with the Terms, the Terms take precedence.

This SLA may be modified at our discretion. If it is updated, the date at the top will reflect. You accept changes by continuing to utilize the Services. Check periodically for modifications to this SLA.


To sum up:

This policy explains the necessary services required for a client website to be accessible via HTTP, billing and signup dates, downtime calculation, maintenance period, and managed hosting subscription pricing. The monthly billing period extends from the signup date, and downtime is calculated separately for each service. Monthly subscription value excludes add-ons, overages, build time, bandwidth, and migration expenses. Necessary services will be available 99.9% of the time, and SLA credit is credited to a hosting account’s future billing.

“Necessary Services” must be operational for a Client Website hosted on our platform to be accessible via HTTP. The Necessary Services do not include Third-Party Services, our control panel, our support system, our website, SSH/SFTP/phpMyAdmin access, Beta Services, add-on Services, build time, bandwidth, or any other portion of the Services that are not strictly required to keep Client Applications accessible.

The signup Date occurs when you subscribe to a prepaid or postpaid Service.

The monthly “Billing Date” and the “Signup Date” share the same numerical value. The Billing Date is October 6 if the Signup Date is September 6.

The “Monthly Billing Period” extends from the Signup Date until the day before the first Billing Date and then from each Billing Date to the next. If the enrollment date is September 6, the billing cycle is September 6 through October 5, then October 6 through November 5, etc.
During a Monthly Billing Period, “Downtime” refers to the Client’s inability to use the Essential Services, and

Downtime is calculated separately for each Service.
Numerous Client Applications experiencing Downtime concurrently for a single Service subscription (e.g., a Managed WordPress Hosting plan subscription that hosts multiple websites) will not increase the duration of Downtime.

The “Maintenance Period” is determined by the time zone of each Client Application’s data center: Monday through Sunday, 2 am to 5 am local time.

Managed hosting subscriptions for WordPress:

  • Monthly hosting package membership price for clients.
  • On an annual billing cycle, clients divide the hosting plan subscription amount by 12.
  • Transferring hosting plans during the Monthly Billing Period will result in a prorated Monthly Subscription Value based on the amount of time spent on each plan.

Application and database hosting subscriptions represent each Service’s monthly billed cost.

The Monthly Subscription Value excludes add-ons, overages, build time, bandwidth, and migration expenses.

Every Monthly Billing Period, the Necessary Services shall be available 99.9% of the time.

SLA Credit is credited to a Hosting Account’s future billing.

Credit Calculation for SLA

To sum up:

If we don’t meet the Uptime Guarantee, you may receive SLA Credits. Managed WordPress Hosting plan subscribers earn 5% of their monthly subscription value for each full hour of Downtime, with exceptions. The SLA Credits are the Monthly Subscription Value for the month when the Uptime Guarantee was not met.

Downtime over 43 minutes (0.1% of a standard 30-day/43,200-minute period) violates the Uptime Guarantee.
If we fail to achieve the Uptime Guarantee, you are eligible to receive SLA Credits:
Subscribers to the Managed WordPress Hosting plan earn SLA Credits equal to 5% of their monthly subscription value for each full hour (60 minutes) of DowntimeDowntime. Downtime is determined via monitoring. Exceptional only:

  • There is no SLA credit for the 59 minutes of Downtime.
  • Downtime of at least one hour but less than two hours (60-119 minutes) will result in a credit of 5% of the Monthly Subscription Value on your next invoice.
  • Downtime of at least two hours and less than three hours (120-179 minutes) will result in a 10% SLA Credit of your Monthly Subscription Value on your next payment.

SLA Credits are the Monthly Subscription Value for the month the Uptime Guarantee was not met.

The SLA Credits

To sum up:

Contact us via chat within 30 days of downtime to get SLA Credits. These credits are added to your Hosting Account and can be used for future invoices. The SLA Credit will not be granted if your agreement expires before it can be utilized. Some causes of downtime, such as emergency maintenance, force majeure events, and client-authored programs, may not be eligible for SLA Credit.

Contact us through our chat system to acquire SLA Credits within thirty days of Downtime.

SLA Credits are added to your Hosting Account and can be applied against future invoices; they are not paid out in cash.

You will not receive the SLA Credit if your Hosting Account or Agreement expires before it has been utilized.
No SLA Credits Granted

We reserve the right to omit the following causes of Downtime from Downtime and SLA Credit calculations:

  1. Emergency maintenance,
  2. Force majeure events, including but not limited to acts of nature (fire, flood, earthquake, storm, or other natural disasters), acts of war (invasion, hostilities, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, terrorist activities, and other hostile activities), government actions (sanction, blockade, embargo, and other governmental action), labor disputes (strike, lockout, or any dispute of a similar nature),
  3. Power source failure, and external outages.
  4. Client-authored programs, machine access issues,

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